General-Purpose Absorbent Socks


SUKUP’s are the safe and easy way to control messes around the workplace caused by machinery leakage or spills. These general-purpose absorbent socks soak up oil, solvents, water-based liquids and non-aggressive fluids which can create hazards in and around work areas. There are no messy clean-ups like there are when using other absorbents, such as clay granules, rags, cardboard, etc. Put them around machinery, troubled floor areas, and around spills and leaks. SUKUP’s flex and bend so unwanted messes never touch the floor. Whenever they become saturated, there is no downtime or clean-up. Just pick up the old one and replace it with a fresh one. These absorbent socks incinerate to less than 2.4% ash. They are also non-biodegradable which complies with 40 CFR 264.314 [1995] for haz-waste landfilling.


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