ICS, Where Chemical Problems Disappear

Welcome to Integrated Chemical Services Limited – ICS, and a world of chemical solutions.

For us, “chemicals” mean a lot of different possibilities!

In our industry, when a salesperson calls a client and announces being a “chemical sales rep” their first thoughts are bleach, disinfectant, floor cleaners, dish-washing liquids, and similar products. A price is given, and the buyer goes with the cheapest products.

Not the case for ICS. Our business is based on solving problems. It’s not that we don’t help to clean floors. It’s that we aid in cleaning in a way that we stand out. So, you have marble tiles and they are not subject to heavy and abrasive traffic, you wipe them with some mild cleaner and that’s good to keep them looking nice. That’s not our business.

For example, if you have ceramic tiles that are getting dirty and being stained with soils of various colours or if your floors have pores, cracks and grouting… that are discoloured and you want them properly renovated and maintained, then talk to us.

Do you have cracks and holes in your floors? You will be glad to know that you can save an enormous amount of time and money by patching instead of doing an entire re-flooring job. In many food factories, for example, the Bureau of Standards does not like to see settlings of water in holes and cracks as they are a magnet for bacteria. Many establishments do not have the time or money to take these plants out of operation to repair them, but ICS has the double solutions of speedy, low-cost repairs. In some cases, if safety and sanitation permit, you can “patch while you work” and have your forklifts driving over repairs in an hour!

In our conversations, you will understand why not all grout cleaners are appropriate and indeed some might be bad for your grouts. You will learn why acidic cleaners are effective for some applications while alkaline cleaners are appropriate for other applications. You will understand why caustic drain cleaners might be bad for your needs and why a slow-acting biological cleaner might be better for you and the environment.

And in all we have said so far, we have not even begun to scratch the surface. We have not talked about how we can make better almost any situation experiencing bad odours. We have not mentioned how we can improve most non-mechanical challenges in building maintenance. We have not discussed our wide range of sealants and coatings. Yes, these include rust treatment – removal and conversion.

Yes, you might find that hard to believe. Going through our website will show these and more wonderful ideas and solutions.

Give us a call for further information.