WISYNCO Performs well!

Integrated Chemical Services Limited congratulates and commends the WISYNCO GROUP for its outstanding performance over the years and especially for its remarkable results over the last financial year. As a supplier of some products to this very successful company, ICS is taking this opportunity to acknowledge, celebrate and help to share the news.

How can we not be impressed by a Jamaican company that is involved with over 160 brands of world-class quality? We are talking about the likes of Coca Cola, Red Bull, Hawaiian Punch, Nature Valley, General Mills and many more…

Practically nothing has been overlooked in their attention to details of what makes a firm efficient and successful. For example, in a world of greater awareness towards global issues about the impact of waste on the environment, WISYNCO has collaborated with coalition partners to operate a voluntary Bottle Deposit Return System since 2019. In seeking to extend its reach, it is partnering with more than 10,000 vendors.

Recognizing the importance of the human aspect, its HR approach focuses on talent, engagement, and employee growth. This is emphasized through the Chairman’s report, highlighting its People Centred Success. Paying attention to another global trend that can make or break your success, they have adhered to international standards through various ISO Certifications.

It is no surprise then, that last year’s financial results reflected achievements of maximum production capacity, record exports and the setting of the foundation for ambitious expansion plans. These developments firmly show the basis for strong confidence for the future.

WISYNCO, we salute you! – https://wisynco.com/