About ICS Ltd.

Integrated Chemical Services Limited (ICS) is a distributor of specialized chemicals, lubricants, equipment and storage products. The company has been operating in Jamaica since 1996. Most of our products are imported from the United States and sold to a niche of local, Jamaican customers, who require products that perform at standards above those typically available.

The Right Solution For
Every Problem

ICS solves maintenance problems in a demanding market, assisting industries and institutions through expert consultation and recommendation of the best and most appropriate specialized chemicals, lubricants and equipment. The goal is not simply sales, but the right solution for each challenge. Our staff is highly trained and motivated towards excellence in their professional and personal lives, thus ensuring that ` we have a knowledgeable, enthusiastic team to meet the demands of our clients. As good corporate citizens we operate with integrity and respect for everyone and utmost care for the environment.

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