Universal Absorbent Pads


SUKUP JR’s are pads great for general-purpose cleaning of spills and leaks. Their treated polypropylene layers are bonded for strength and durability. They absorb almost anything -solvents, oils, water-based liquids, caustics and acids. Put them on and around equipment for light spills, leaks and drips. Place them where there is heavy foot traffic, or put soiled parts and tools on them. SUKUP JR’s put an end to costly and messy absorbents, such as clay granules, rags, cardboard, etc. Place SUKUP JR’s wherever there are leaks and spills, or wherever they may occur. Each pad holds 1 quart of fluid. Once fully saturated, pick up and remove the SUKUP JR, along with the mess. SUKUP JR’s can be incinerated, and they are non-biodegradable for landfilling.


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