Penetrating Oil with Teflon and Moly

RELEASE II is a fast-acting, high oil content aerosol that penetrates, displaces moisture and lubricates by utilizing both Teflon and molybdenum disulfide. RELEASE II is low in toxicity, harmless to most rubber and plastics and is heat resistant up to 500°F. • Penetration: it possesses excellent penetration power for loosening frozen and rust corroded parts. • Moisture Displacement: RELEASE II quickly displaces moisture from ignition systems. It also protects against corrosion on unpainted surfaces. It stops and prevents corrosion on battery terminals, chrome trim tools and all metals. It also removes moisture from distributor caps, ignition wires, starter motors, spark plugs and generator alternators. • Lubrication: RELEASE II loosens and lubricates nuts, bolts, mufflers, manifolds, heat risers, control cables, brakes, U-bolts, tie rod connections, electric switches, electric motor rods, panel hinges, rubber bushings, throttle controls, carburetor linages, sewing machines, electrical appliances, mowers, workshop equipment and much more!


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