Heavy-Duty Granular Concrete Cleaner

CLEAN-CRETE is a heavy-duty granular concrete cleaner designed for removal of dirt, grease and oil from concrete floors.  CLEAN-CRETE is non-dusting and is easily spread onto the area which must be cleaned.  Formulated to be hard working, CLEAN-CRETE may be used even on severely soiled floors with minimum effort. Its formula contains a mixture of alkaline detergents, dispersants, wetting agents, emulsifiers and grease-cutting solvents.  When used as directed, CLEAN-CRETE has a mildly abrasive action when scrubbed to provide deep cleaning of surfaces.  It is non-acid, free-rinsing and environmentally acceptable when washed to the drain and can be used in a wide range of fleet, automotive and industrial applications.  CLEAN-CRETE is a yellow-orange colored product that turns green when wetted on the floor.


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