REFRESH quickly and easily deodorizes malodors wherever they are present. REFRESH is a fine, nearly invisible, crystalline particle that releases a clean, fresh fragrance and absorbs unpleasant odors trapped in carpet and upholstery. It is effective at removing pet smells and cooking, smoking and musty odors. It will not clump when used on wet surfaces, nor will it dissolve in water. It will not harm vacuum cleaners, and it helps reduce static charge build-up in carpets. REFRESH can be used in the following areas: apartment buildings, airports, athletic facilities, animal care facilities, schools, churches, hospitals, hotels and motels, industrial plants, government buildings, nursing homes, offices, restaurants, casinos, automobiles and mass transit terminals. This product is also excellent for use in smoke rooms, garbage pails, garbage chutes, dumpsters, compactors, ash trays, damp and musty areas, diaper pails and laundry hamper odors.


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