Non-Acid Concrete Remover

CONTREAT is a low pH concrete remover that performs like an acid. It has a similar pH and pKa value to hydrochloric acid but is non-fuming, non-corrosive to skin and metal (per DOT test protocols) and is DOT “Non Regulated”. It is a unique 60% active organic salt that performs like hydrochloric acid, as well as many other acids. CONTREAT offers significant benefits with regard to handling, storage and worker safety versus hydrochloric acids and many other inorganic and organic acids. It is phosphate free and contains no volatile organic substances. The use of CONTREAT can lower formula costs, increase performance efficiency and provide workers with a safe alternative to acids. CONTREAT is a ready-to-use solution that rinses off with water. It can be used on cement mixers, cement trucks, cement forms, machinery, tools and wherever any unwanted cement is present.


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