FAST FREDDIE is the ultimate solution to general cleaning problems. This all-purpose enzyme cleaner removes the most stubborn stains and soap film on walls, floors, bathtubs and tile surfaces. FAST FREDDIE is formulated with biodegradable surfactants and degreasers to safely clean without petroleum solvents, harsh caustics or toxic chemicals. It renders grease, oils, soap films and stubborn soils and stains water soluble with a unique blend of detergents and biological enzymes that are readily biodegradable. FAST FREDDIE may be used by factories, trucking companies, schools, office buildings, industrial plants, highway departments, on farm and road equipment, by maintenance operations, and in institutions, municipalities and printing plants. It may be used on clothes, carpet, upholstery, floors, walls, grease traps, drains, showers and shower curtains, urinals, toilets, sinks, cement, driveways, ovens and oven hoods, grout, tile, grills, kitchen cabinets, sidewalks, A/C drip pans, refrigerators, dumpsters and loading docks.


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