Heavy-Duty Alkaline Cleaner Concentrate


55 Gal. Drum

5 Gallon Pail


AMAZE is a highly efficient, all-purpose cleaner for steel, most types of aluminum alloys, concrete, floors, walls and many other application areas. AMAZE will remove baked-on carbons, drawing compounds and machining oils, buffing and polishing compounds, light rust, scale, tarnish, oxides, soot and shop soils. AMAZE may be applied with low or high pressure sprayers, steam cleaners, immersion systems, etc. It is low foaming and highly concentrated. AMAZE possesses high rinsability and detergency, and it is stable in hard water. It is environmentally safe and free of chlorinated and low flash solvents. AMAZE may be used by factories, trucking companies, schools, industrial plants, highway departments, municipalities, printing plants, drum refinishing operations, water treatment facilities, paper mills and oil refineries. AMAZE is also ideal for use on electrostatic precipitators in industrial facilities to aide in the removal of heavy carbon dust build-up.


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