SUPPRESS granular odor counteractant with citronella is formulated to handle even the toughest odors from institutional, municipal, commercial and restaurant wastes. It contains the exclusive odor-destroying additive Metazene® and offers the perfect solution to odor problems from trash containers, garbage dumpsters and trash compactors. SUPPRESS offers a triple-phase odor control system: it absorbs rancid, odor-causing spills; counteracts odors with Metazene® odor counteractant; and controls and freshens airborne malodors. SUPPRESS effectively counteracts malodors in the following locations: landfill sites, in sewage treatment plants and lift stations, manure piles, in garbage and refuse trucks and dumpsters, rendering plants, trash containers and compactors, incinerators, other refuse disposal operations, restaurant dumpsters and hospitals. SUPPRESS is also ideal for use in the absorption and counteracting of odors from vomit, human and animal fecal matter and urine waste.


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