SLIP-N-SLIDE is a high-temperature, extreme pressure anti-seize lubricant, sealant and protective coating. It withstands extreme heat up to 2,000°F and is especially recommended for applications in a sustained temperature range from -40°F to +750°F. It contains synthetic oil and extremely fine aluminum and graphite particles. SLIPE-N-SLIDE may be used by construction companies, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, machine and automotive shops, DOTs and waste water treatment facilities on the following items: all threaded fittings, including all nuts, bolts and screws; hand and motor operated valves; gaskets, flanges and ‘O’ rings; bushings, bearings, rollers and conveyors; gears, transmission boxes, chains and drives; electric motors, compressors, hoists, turbines and winches; furnaces, burner assemblies, regulators, pumps, valve stems, control chests and headers; cylinder heads, manifold and stud assemblies; fuel injectors, pre-combustion chambers, valve cages, turbo-charger fittings, guides and thread tubing; keyways and spark plugs; torque rod pins and tubes; air cylinder assemblies and pneumatic cylinder shafts; sheet excursion dyes; heat plates; wing blades; spreader chains; reel mowers; air slides; and axle shafts.


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