The Poly V Sprayer is a clear translucent industrial-strength sprayer equipped with a heavy spray gun and spray wand and a reinforced chemical-resistant hose and includes 2 nozzles – a fan nozzle and adjustable pin stream nozzle.

Suggested applications: Commercial Cleaners (including solvent based, except chlorinated solvents), Degreasers, Oils, Stain Removal, Waterproofing. The specifications are: • 2 gallon operating capacity • Funnel top for easier filling • Chemical and corrosion resistant polyethylene • Shut-off with lock-on/off feature • Lightweight chemical and corrosion resistant tank • Polyethylene supply tube • 38 inch chemical resistant hose • 14 inch brass spray wand • Fully adjustable spray nozzles that transitions from fine mist to full stream.

NOTE: Do not use gasoline,flammable liquids or caustic alkalis in sprayer. If using with bleach completely clean all parts immediately after use.


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