MANGO MAGIC is an enriched gentle lotion hand soap made from special biodegradable cleaners that is formulated for hand cleaning but will not remove the micro-thin skin oils which protect the epidermis. MANGO MAGIC cuts through the toughest dirt and grime to clean hands. It contains soothing emollients, such as glycerin and aloe vera, so it will not dry hands out. A few drops of MANGO MAGIC clean the hands and leaves them with a mild mango fragrance. MANGO MAGIC enriched gentle lotion hand soap is the ideal hand cleaner for use in the following establishments: camp grounds, service stations, construction sites, printing plants, rubber plants, recycling centers, outdoor services, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, restaurants, golf courses, mines, machine shops, automotive repair shops, steel mills, brake manufacturing plants, plastic plants, utility companies, foundries, transportation industries, refuse haulers and refineries.


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