LIBERATOR 531 with Trimec is a selective herbicide designed for use on most turf grass lawns to kill unwanted broadleaf weeds without injury to the grasses. Upon application, the weeds absorb this hormone-type herbicide which is then translocated to other parts of the plant, including the root system. The weed will soon wither, die, decompose and disappear. One application of LIBERATOR 531 controls weeds such as: Buckthorn, Clover, Common Chickweed, Curled Dock, Dandelions, English Derby, Ground Ivy, Knotweed, Lambsquarter, Mallon, Red Clover, Red Sorrell, Stitchwort, Speedwell, White Clover, Wild Garlic, Wild Onion, Yarrow and more. It may be used on all types of grasses, including Merion and Kentucky Blue, Bermuda, Fescues, Rye, Red Top, Poa Trivialis, St. Augustine, Centipede and all Bluegrass and mixtures of the above. *(EPA)


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