Chain & Cable Fluid

Packaging Available 

Carton, 4/7 lb. Plastic Jugs L0135-007
Carton, 12/2 lb. Plastic Bottles L0135-013
35 lb. Pail L0135-035
120 lb. Quarter Size Drum L0135-039
415 lb. Full Size Drum L0135-040
Carton 12/11 oz. Aerosol Spray Cans L0135-063
Carton, 12/16 oz. Pump Spray Bottles L0135-067

Penetrates and lubricates

Prevents rusting

Acts as a cleansing agent

LUBRIPLATE Chain & Cable Fluid is a lubricating, penetrating and cleansing fluid designed for a multitude of applications. It penetrates the strands to lubricate and reduce friction between wire rope strands, and to lubricate and protect the inner core from rust and corrosion. The same basic principles also apply to the lubrication of roller chains.

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