Belt Dressing

Belt Dressing is designed for all types of belt drives to improve performance under the most severe conditions. It waterproofs and preserves all types of belts and will not glaze or cause buildup. Belt Dressing does not contain rosin, silicones, sticky oils, varnishes, or other harmful substances.

Features and Benefits:

  • May be applied while belt is moving and motor is running
  • Eliminates slippage on incline conveyor belts
  • Anti-slip agent increases power without gumming
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Prolongs life of all belts
  • Prevents rotting and deterioration even under severe outdoor conditions
  • Aerosol is CFC Free

Applications: Practically all flat, round, or v-style belts. For all industrial belt drives including compressors, pumps, generators, auto and marine engine belts, canvas and other fabric belts.

**All aerosol products must be Ground Shipped by UPS.

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Type Mineral Spirits
Size 12 oz
Packaging Type Aerosol
Total Height 7.880 in
Total Width 2.630 in
Total Length 2.630 in
Color Clear Liquid
Shipping Weight 1 lb
Note Aerosol Net Weights may vary without notice due to EPA regulation changes


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