55 Gal. Drum

5 Gallon Pail


ATOX is a powerful concentrated surface renovator. It quickly penetrates to break up lime deposits, scale, rust, stains, mineral sediments and scum. ATOX provides a powerful, rapidly penetrating cleaning action without the fuming, excessive corrosion and handling of concentrated muriatic acid. ATOX saves time and labor because it effectively dissolves insoluble films and deposits that would normally require scraping, chipping or brushing. ATOX may be used in the construction industry to remove cement from metal doors, cement mixers, cement forms, machinery and metal stairs. ATOX is safe on most metals, including copper, brass, aluminum and painted surfaces when properly diluted. Stains and discolorations on copper and brass tubing disappear with one application of ATOX. It may be used full strength to remove scale from metal parts and equipment. It should be diluted when removing mortar, insoluble carbonates, oxides and the like.


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