Superior tribological package with outstanding anti-friction, anti-wear & Extreme Pressure properties. Enhances existing base oil properties with antioxidants. Extending lubricant life reduces the need for an oil change.

Recommended as a high-performance additive for formulating industrial oils (gear oils, chain oils, etc.), metalworking fluids, and others for the most demanding applications and harsh operating conditions.

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  • Excellent Extreme Pressure protection
  • Superior shock-absorbing properties
  • Very low wear even under high loads
  • Reduces coefficient of friction
  • Protects from oxidation 
  • Outstanding corrosion inhibiting characteristics
  • Prevents micropitting and surface fatigue 
  • Extended performance

Technical Specs

Color: Dark Gray
Treat Rate: 1-8% by weight
Viscosity: 260-500 cSt at 40°C (104°F)
Density: 1.08 g/cm3 (9.0 Lb/Gal) at 15.6°C (60°F)
Flash Point: 138°C / 280°F
Active Sulfur, Chlorine, Boron content: None


5 Gal., Qrt. Bottles


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