12 – 16oz. Aerosol cans

5 Gallon


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PURE and SIMPLE is completely odorless and non-toxic, making it the ideal lubricant for use in areas where it may come in contact with foods in process.  PURE and SIMPLE is classified aerosol and bulk (H1) by NSF and is accepted as a lubricant with incidental food contact in food processing areas. It helps reduce downtime because it can be applied to machinery while it is running. It effectively penetrates into hard-to-reach, “danger” areas such as pulleys, conveyors, rollers, etc., and helps protect valuable machinery against destructive rust and corrosion. It contains no silicones, waxes or greases that produce greasy build-up and remains stable under a wide range of temperatures and conditions, as it maintains superior lubrication up to 350°F. PURE and SIMPLE is widely used by food processors, dairies, breweries, bottlers, meat plants, bakeries, canneries, cafeterias, restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets or in all applications where a food-safe, non-toxic lubricant is required. PURE and SIMPLE may be used for all types of “open” lube points such as chains, open gears, bearings, slides, rollers, conveyors, cones, sprockets, plungers, grid belts, stirrups and casters.


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