G.O. 85W140

G.O. extreme pressure gear oil possesses excellent oxidative and thermal stability, superior rust and corrosion inhibition, exceptional load-carrying capability and excellent water-separating characteristics. G.O. climbs to upper and middle gears and bearings, so there is no delay waiting for lubricant to reach to upper mechanisms. Superior film strength maintains better metal-to-metal separation which reduces friction; gear boxes run cooler; and less energy is drawn. Its exclusive polymer formulation prevents scoring and excessive wear. G.O. is non-corrosive to gears and ball and roller bearings and provides excellent anti-foaming properties. This product is recommended for the lubrication of gears (spur, hypoid, worm, spiral, bevel, helical, planetary and combinations). It may be used for all-purpose lubrication for transmissions (not automatic) and differentials in all cars, trucks, tractors and other industrial and agricultural vehicles.


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