Slow And Heavy

Where: Off-shore, metalworking, mining and construction

Typical applications: Gears, jacking, kilns, mills, winches, wire ropes. Heavily loaded pin joints, high impact applications such as track-type tractors, backhoes. Applicable in wet or dry working conditions.

Important Product Properties for the Lubricant: Load carrying ability; Resistance to vibrations and shock loads; Good lubricant film formation; Low wear-test values; High E.P. test values; Anti-wear additives; Solid additives if indicated; Oil of high viscosity preferred.

High load conditions are present in segments with heavy duty equipment working slowly during high loads, often in combination with vibrations and/or shock loads. These combinations can create boundary lubrication conditions resulting in high wear and weld of components, and mechanical and thermal degradation of the lubricant. An appropriate lubricant can aid with these challenges by having good load carrying capacity and resistance to vibrations and shock loads.

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