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Complete Plant Surveys and Lubricant Inventory Consolidation

A complete plant survey by our professional staff will help to determine your exact lubricant requirements and identify opportunities for lubricant inventory consolidation.

Color Coding Program - Customized, Lubricant Specification, Machinery Tags And Chemicals

Customized with your company logo, these color coded machinery tags help prevent lubricant misapplication and ensure that the proper lubricant is used when servicing a particular piece of equipment. Based on a complete plant survey, tags can be provided for each piece of equipment in your plant.

Oil/Fluid and Grease Analysis

Our Oil/Fluid and Grease Analysis Program includes the following: Viscosity, Acidity, Contamination (% sediment and % moisture), Spectrochemical (PPM of wear metals and additives) ISO Cleanliness (optional). An interpretation of the results is included along with suggested actions to take.

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Using The Best Product?

You’re definitely in the right place. We understand the importance of choosing the right chemicals or lubricants as well as how to properly use chemicals in the work place. We’ll provide you or your staff with the necessary training needed to ensure you get the best out of our products without causing any harm.

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